• Platter Escape

The magician shows three platters of different colours each with a hole in them, and a length of ribbon. A spectator is asked to select any of the coloured platters which is placed between the other two and the ribbon threaded through the centres of the platters.

The performer spreads the platters out to show that the ribbon passes through all of them ,puts them together and places a rubber band around all the patters.
The ribbon is pulled to and fro to show it passes through the boards.

The end of the ribbon are now held together and given a jerk. The selected platter comes right off the ribbon, leaving the other two threaded in place.

Every thing can be examined with not a clue as the how the platter penetrated right off the ribbon.
Each of the three platters is painted in a bright coloured and nicely decorated with a black snake on each face, the platters measure 6 cm (2 1/8") wide by 8 cm ( 3 1/4" long)
Supplied with ribbon, elastic bands and the illustrated instruction/routine.

Platter Escape

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