Five of Spades + Blank card silk set

A really nicely printed Five of Spades card silk with a blank card silk. The printed cards are the size of a normal Bicycle cards, which are printed onto a larger green background which is 20 cm square (8") approximately

These silks can be used in numerous card routines.  Ten routines / instructions are included to get you started -

  • 1)Any card - by Fabrizio Vernola.
  • 2)Any card (svengall deck version) by Vincenzo Di Fatta.
  • 3)  The "Holly Shroud of the spectator.
  • 4)  The hand with the magic touch.
  • 5)  Magic painting - by Alain Lannone.
  • 6)  Ink in the bag (with the change bag).
  • 7)  One out of four - by Vincenzo Di Fatta.
  • 8)  The fading card - by Fabrizio Vernola & Vincenzo Di Fatta.
  • 9)  Fixed thoughts (with the thumb tip).
  • v10) The watchful Joker - by Fabrizio Vernola.

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    Category:- Silk Magic

    Manufacturer:-Vincenzo Di Fatta

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