Carters Silks

Created by the late Arthur Carter with an addition by Brian Le Slie
A boy and a girl are invited to assist and are stood each side of the performer, the boy on the right . The children are given a wand each, the boy receives a yellow one and the girl the red one.
These are called not as there colour suggest but a strawberry wand and a lemon wand.
The boy is asked to make a lemon handkerchief appear in the bag, which is shown empty.
He is unsuccessful and is asked which end of the wand he had use.
You say "My fault" it should have told you it was the other end of the wand.
After a wand wave he succeeds and helped by you produces a lemon handkerchief.
The girl does the same, seaming making the same mistake but is soon put right by you with the added apology.
Now the couple are asked to exchange wands with no prompting from you this is always a laugh with blank looks of the children as to what they should do.
Sometimes nothing happens for 30 seconds and then the silks are exchanged instead of the wands and then one child gives the other the wand and sometimes one has two wands and no silks etc.
Finally you sort them out. And the boy who now has the red wand is asked to place the lemon silk into the bag and turn it into a strawberry.
Nothing happens because of the wronLuck wrong ends business again.
But then the girl delves end again. then the silk l is removed and is seen to have changed into a strawberry colour.
So now two red silks are in their hands so the girl is asked to do her piece of magic and changes her strawberry handkerchief into a lemon. No luck wrong end business again.
But then the girls delves her hand into the bag and brings forth a Lemon fruit not a silk and you say,  "Now look what you have done you have made me into a real lemon"
,and it all ends with a laugh.

There is two options for this effect:-
If you already have three 12" silks two red 12" and a Yellow one and a single change bag (which most magicians have) we can supply you  with just the two butyrate coloured wands (one Red and one Yellow) ,imitation lemonalong with the routine.
Or we can supply with every thing you require to perform this effect.
Two of our butyrate coloured wands(one Red and one Yellow), a imitation lemon(two Red, one Yellow)  and a single load change bag along with the routine of course.

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