Platter Escape

<p>The magician shows three platters of different colours each with a hole in them, and a length of ribbon. A spectator is asked to select any of the coloured platters which is placed between the other two and the ribbon threaded through the centres of the platters.</p><p><br>The performer spreads the platters out to show that the ribbon passes through all of them ,puts them together and places a rubber band around all the patters.<br>The ribbon is pulled to and fro to show it passes through the boards.</p><p><br>The end of the ribbon are now held together and given a jerk. The selected platter comes right off the ribbon, leaving the other two threaded in place.</p><p>Every thing can be examined with not a clue as the how the platter penetrated right off the ribbon.<br>Each of the three platters is painted in a bright coloured and nicely decorated with a black snake on each face, the platters measure 6 cm (2 1/8") wide by 8 cm ( 3 1/4" long)<br>Supplied with ribbon, elastic bands and the illustrated instruction/routine.<br></p>

Price:- £ 9.95


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Category:- Close-Up Magic

Manufacturer:-Sam Dalal

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