Jumbo Disc Escape

The Performer shows five large solid disks painted in five different colours. Also a cylindrical or container with lid just large enough to hold the disks. Both disks and the container have a hole in them, for passing an large needle.
A spectator may select any disk. There is no force.
Disks are placed into the container which is capped. The needle is passed through the holes in the disks and the container. A spectator is asked to hold the ends of the pipe with the container hanging in the middle.
Performer opens the two halves of the container. One disk falls off and it is the disk with the selected colour. The other four disks and both halves of the tube are securely threaded on the pipe. And everything can be thoroughly examined by the audience.The container is 11 cm long ( 4 1/3") approximately by 7 cm in diameter (2 3/4 ") approximately

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Category:- Close-Up Magic


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