Blowing Card Blendo

;A card is selected, noted and returned to the deck by a member of the audience. The deck is shuffled and kept aside. The magician then shows a small green silk with a white card on it and a black tube. He then pushes the silk in to the tube. He then brings the tube near his mouth and blows in it. Instantly the silk flies out from the opposite end of the tube with the selected card printed in the middle of it.
The tube measures 7 cm long.Two really nicely printed 8" card silks on Italian silk are included.Naturally you can also magically change different silks with this tube or even completely different objects like pieces of paper, bills, small sponge balls, and so on. Itís uses will be limited only by your imagination.- (Deck of cards not supplied)

Price:- £ 10.75


Stock code:- 532

Category:- Silk Magic

Manufacturer:-Vincenzo Di Fatta

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