The Kersten Prism - Small

Another amazing miracle from Ken Ward and Peter Kersten. A spectator chooses a card from the pack and this is returned to the top of the deck.
You show a prism and clean the surface of it. You say it has the power to absorb the energy of items it is placed against.The prism is placed on the top of the deck and has the power to absorb the energy from the chosen card.
At the same time you ask the spectator to concentrate on the chosen card. You then place the prism into the spectators palm and the when they look into the prism, the chosen card magically appears in the prism.Peter used " Prism seconds" to make this effect to keep the cost down there can be a small chip on the edge of the prism , this does not retract from the effect
;Sadly both Ken Ward and Peter Kersten are no longer with us, therefore once sold we will not be able to purchase any ore of these and we only have;one or two left.

Price:- £ 8.50


Stock code:- 389

Category:- Card Magic

Manufacturer:-Peter Kersten

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