Changing Die by Vincenzo Di Fatta

The magician shows the audience a die and a tray. He throws the die onto the tray and instantly it changes into eight smaller coloured dice!You can change the die into other objects, like a sponge ball, a crumpled bill, a crumpled piece of paper with a message on it, but if you like you could even simply make it disappear. The choice is yours!>
The tray has a diameter of 14 cm (5,5") with a border of 2 cm (0,8"). The die measures 3. cm (1,3") on each side. You are supplied with eight coloured smaller dice and a sponge ball along with the tray and the instructions.

Price:- £ 21.00


Stock code:- 385

Category:- Close-Up Magic

Manufacturer:- Vincenzo Di Fatta

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