Brass Coin Safe

<p>A brass box is displayed. This has a hole in the cover, and inside the box are a number of coins. A spectator is asked to remove the coins, but is unable to do so. The cover revolves freely on the box, but cannot be removed, unless you know the clever secret. </p><p>The box will hold coins of many sizes, 10 pence , old penny or U.S. half dollar. If you do not wish to have the coins preloaded into the box, you could borrow a coin from a spectator, have him mark it and the introduce it into the box. </p><p>Other objects such as finger ring, ear ring die, paper money or any small item but not smaller than the center hole.Supplied with a small black storage bag.<br></p>

Price:- £ 9.00


Stock code:- 365

Category:- Coin and Money


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