Nut & Bolt Mystery (Ring off Bolt)

;A bolt, nut and a tiny padlock are shown. A spectator unscrews the nut. After thorough examination a borrowed ring is placed on the bolt and the nut is screwed back on. The hasp of the padlock is engaged in the hole at the screwed end of the bolt and locked. The Performer covers everything with a hanky and instantly brings out the ring separated from the nut and bolt (the effect can also be done bare handed). He then shows that the nut is properly in place on the bolt and the padlock is intact. Supplied is the brass bolt, nut, padlock and instructions, your will have to provide your own ring. The nut measures 6 cm x 2 cm x 2.5cm No secret exchanges have to be made, and the ring can be lent to you by a spectator At the end everything can be examined, and nobody will be able to discover the ingenious secret.

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Category:- Close-Up Magic


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