Polished Wood Pom Pom Sticks

A wooden bar with to cords running through to which are attached four different coloured pom poms. When the short cord is pulled to make it longer the long cord becomes shorter Vice Versa. This is repeated several times, then to dispel any thought of a connection the bar is pulled apart in half. After re-assembly the same reaction occurs.

This is a larger version of out chrome pom pom sticks and these are turned hardwood sticks to resemble Bamboo. The colours of the pom poms lend them to be introduced as your weather forecaster, Red a hot day, blue for thunder, Yellow sunny and Green for rain with everything becoming greener.The prop can easily fit in your pocket allowing you to perform a walk around, stage or table hopping with no pre-set. approximately 10" long. Made in the UK.

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Category:- Close-Up Magic

Manufacturer:- Paul Howard Pro Magic

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