Money For Old Rope

<p><img src="" class="right">A black plastic board is shown with a twenty pound note displayed in the centre with four different coloured ropes threaded through, two on each side of the &nbsp;note. The magician states that only , one rope is knotted at the back and &nbsp;three people are invited to select a rope with the promise of winning the note if they choose the knotted one. </p> <p>When there is only one rope left, the board is turned around and this rope is seen to be knotted. The knot is found to be a double knot and the magician is the winner. No skill but the ground for a lot of comedy and audience participation</p> <p>. The size of the board is 38 cm (15) long with 4 brightly coloured 30 cm (12") ropes..</p> <div><br></div>

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