Reception Vase

The reception vase is a adaptation of the classic coffee vase. It will allow you to produce, change or vanish items like liquids, silks, ribbons, spring flowers, confetti, cotton wool etc.
The Reception vase we supply is made of brass and chrome plated measures 8" high 3" in diameter is one of those pieces of apparatus that you do not know how you managed without it before.
How this vase is used will be obvious to any magician. a item placed in the can( actually going into the load chamber) can be made to VANISH by simply covering the can casting your magic spell, and removing the cover.
The load chamber with the item in has been stolen away inside the cover.
For a exchange, the item to be finally produced is placed in the can proper, with the with the load chamber going over it. Now when the can is covered, the items placed visibly in the load chamber will have magically transformed into the item placed in the can.(silk not supplied)

Price:- £ 35.00


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Category:- General Magic


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