Rainbow Wand, Rope, Rings and Ribbons

<div>From three sets of brightly painted rings one set is selected and a matching ribbon is attached to each ring. A rainbow wand is tied onto the centre of </div><div>The red ropes and the chosen rings are added. The remaining rings are next threaded on and the ends of the ribbons and the ropes are held by the two spectators. Now for the magic. The wand is removed and waved and the two chosen rings come free leaving the other rings on the ropes.</div><div><br></div><div> Making a very colourful interlude from a little to carry. Based on the Grandmother Necklace with a suggested rainbow presentation by Douglas Francis. Supplied is an attractive four colour 13" wand made of butyrate, six 3" rings, six ribbons and 4 yards of red rope.</div><div><br></div>

Price:- £ 24.00


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Category:- Magic For Children

Manufacturer:-Paul Howard Pro Magic

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